D i n n e r


Marinated Olives 3

Spicy Mixed Nuts 4

Black Eyed Pea & Bacon Hummus 5

Pimento Cheese 6


Cheese Board 12
Chaumes, Asher Blue, Manchego

Charcuterie Plate 12
Sweet Capocolla, Spotted Trotter Finocchiona, Benton’s Ham

House Salad 7
Gorgonzola, Candied Nuts, Grenache Vinaigrette

Mixed Radish Salad 6
Sea Beans, Sesame Vinaigrette

Roasted Beet Salad9
Goat Cheese, Arugula, Sunflower Seeds, Yuzu & Anise Vinaigrette

Winter Squash Bisque 8
Kimchee Butter, Spicy Rice Noodles, Peanuts

Toejigogi BBQ & Cold Water Oysters 14
Blistered Pork, Scalion Kimchee, Radish Salad

Denver Lamb Ribs 13
Garlic Chili Glaze, Pickled Vegetables, Cilantro

Tuna Tartare 12
Avocado, Onions, Tomato, Jalapeño, Rice Chips


Frites, Garlic, Herbs 5

Braised Kale 5

Chili Basil Cauliflower, Peanuts 5

Brussels, Bacon, & Apples 5

Roasted Potatoes & Green Beans w/Bacon 5

Pimento Bacon Mac & Cheese 6

Choice of 3 for 13


Grilled Broccoli 14
Curried Kabocha Squash, Farro

Scottish Salmon 21
Succotash, Bacon, Local Tomatoes, Cornbread Croutons

Pan Roasted Chicken 16
Blistered Snake Beans, Kecap, Tomatoes & Onion

Pork Osso Bucco 18
Shiitake Mushroom & Corn Barley Risotto

Bistro Steak and Frites 19
Sauce Tarragona

Double Bacon Burger & Frites 12
American Cheese, Bacon, L.T.P., Ketchup, Smoked Mayo


Molten Aztec Chocolate Cake7
Vanilla Ice Cream

Pumpkin Cheesecake6
Cornbread Crust, Burnt Marshmallow

N Georgia Apple Ice Cream6
Peanut Butter Swirl

Menu changes regularly. Sample as of 11/26/2014

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