W i n e + S p i r i t s

We believe drinking wine should be fun and delicious. With that in mind, we endeavor to bring you wine flavors you desire in ways you might not often expect. We hope to turn you on to new regions, grapes and flavors, but also want you to enjoy the classics you come back to again and again. We hope that our by-the-glass and half-bottle carafe selections are as fun for you to explore as they were for us to choose. To encourage gustatory exploration, we have created a reasonably priced, extensive half bottle selection to allow you, the guest, more options for pairing wines with courses or for simple enjoyment on their own. Sparkling wines are one of our true loves, so there are a number of great domestic sparklers by the glass, as well as a fine selection of grower champagne, both in half and full bottle sizes. Our list is straightforward and selective, not intimidating in size, and created to bring you the greatest collection of wines from both big and small producers.

Cocktails are hand-crafted and designed to highlight your experience with us: whether a light aperitif during tea-time or before dinner; wine or cocktails paired with dinner; an after-dinner digestif; or simply a well-balanced, delicious libation to be enjoyed alone. Our gin selection is emphasized (we are on Juniper Street), but with our genuine southern roots, we couldn’t help but feature our own 12-yr bourbon—blended with the help of the Elijah Craig folks—as our house bourbon selection. Philosophically speaking, the cocktails are rooted in classic techniques but infused with a bit of modern whimsy; coffee, tea, and wine will make appearances in cocktails here and there. We are at play creating drinks for you and we aim to consistently deliver a unique experience and atmosphere.

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