The Lawrence provides a comfortable and social atmosphere that encourages creativity and excellence in both the cocktail and food programs. Alongside our pride in quality - we, as people require fun. The Lawrence is a place for us, and you, to enjoy eachother and convive



St. Lawrence of Rome (225–258 AD) was one of the seven deacons of ancient Rome, serving under Pope St. Sixtus II. After the death of Pope St. Sixtus II, the prefect of Rome demanded St. Lawrence turn over the church’s riches. Seeing the poor, crippled and blind as the true riches of the church, St. Lawrence instead swiftly distributed church’s property to the poor, and in turn, delivered the poor—the church’s true riches—to the prefect. The prefect was not pleased.


'Due to his defiance, St. Lawrence was sentenced to death. Tradition holds that St. Lawrence was “grilled” to death on a large cast iron griddle. Legend has it that as he “cooked,” he exclaimed, “Turn me over, I’m done on this side!” It’s no wonder St. Lawrence is the patron saint of cooks and chefs. This story of passion and selfless giving still resonates, today, and inspires us in all that we do at The Lawrence.




Of course, no business is an island in its community—the two must grow and thrive together. Here at The Lawrence, we believe in a purpose economy. We are devoted to working with local groups and organizations through our “Tuesday Relief,”  program where we donate a portion of your check  to our chosen partner.


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We are. 


(2010) pioneered the cultural development of Edgewood Avenue neighborhood and is considered a leader in transforming the area with a The Sound Table, a restaurant with major critical acclaim. Darren's second restaurant, TOP FLRis a London native, bringing a world view to the Atlanta food and culture scene since 2006 when he opened Darren Carr niche combination of trendy food, sound and art.  The Lawrence, Carr’s third endeavor draws from historical references with authentic French bistro touches, and focuses on a strong local community connection.


Beyond his recent successes Darren has over 17 years experience in the lifestyle industry. Much of his experience comes from cities such as Hong Kong, Montreal and New York where he has lived and worked for many years.  He is constantly striving to provide unique experiences un able to be replicated offering a diverse array of dining options.


Darren has also founded the Edgewood business owners association and Dinner Party Atlanta. 


Eric Simpkins  is a Southern native, graduated from The French Culinary Institute in New York in 2006. While in New York, Eric honed his bar craft at the Pegu Club before returning to the south where he continued to refine his skills. Eric was head mixologist at the now defunct TROIS, before playing an instrumental role in the opening of W Hotel Atlanta's DrinkShop. He also helped evolve and manage the bar team behind Tales of the Cocktail for many years.


His cocktails have won multiple national & local contests & have been featured in Food & Wine, Restaurant Forum, Imbibe, In the Mix, Garden & Gun, The Tasting Panel, The LA Times and many local Atlanta publications.



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